A short story on how I got my first job


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I was on my final year, attending placements.

The first company I attended was a Big tech company,

The first round was an online test.

I wasn't able to attend it the first time with my friends since I wasn't maintaining CGPA well, but later got the opportunity for the test.

I happened to do it well and I was called for the interview along with my friends.

Being honest, it felt good😊. That was my first test to get a job and I somehow got to interview.

The interview panel had 3 of which one is an HR and the other 2 are technical.

That was my first interview...

I was shivering, but I had a positive energy that I would be able to do it well.

But it didn't happen as expected.

They started asking questions of my domain and more importantly topics which are advanced and not even on my syllabus.

I had few answers as well.

But on every question they ask, one of the technical lead started murmuring on the ears of the another and they were laughing.

It is probably how they interview, stress interview.

But as a beginner, it felt intimidating.

That vibe made me think, tech jobs are going to be the same.

I still remember the atmosphere and how it felt.

So we were returning from the interview.

We discussed about how each one of us did.

Some of my friends were asked different things and especially on their social skills and communication skills.

I realized that it depends on the interviewer, how the interview goes.

I was scared, worried and disappointed on myself that I should have prepared more.

But over the days, I felt back normal.

I started giving out interviews to a lot of companies.

I made the interviewer to ask questions which I wanted him to ask.

Applied a lot and attended a lot.

I happened to attend interviews which were not even placements from my college.

Every interviewer who interviewed were polite, listening and welcoming.

I wasn't intimidated or scared.

There are still debates on stress interviews but for me as a beginner that too on my first interview held me back.

But I can say every other interview went well.

I got a job in a big tech.

I still remember calling my family after just the interview, saying I may get it.

I treated myself for the lunch.

Bought myself a Briyani, had a pleasant and warm feeling.

It felt good.

I continued my studies and got a better CGPA over the last two semesters and increased it to 7.

I got selected for an internship and some weeks passed COVID happened.

The company took a lot of time to come to me to offer the job.

But I started applying for companies from the comfort of my room and gave out a lot of interviews.

I got selected in 3.

And I finally chose the one, where I am at right now.

Funny part is that, I wasn't interviewed here.

I did well on a boot-camp and got my job.

I do will share how I got my job, how I prepared and questions asked on my interview, if that could help you.

But this is just my story, I wouldn't have done the same now.

I am sharing it, just in case if anybody finds anything useful or inspiring.

This isn't big, but it mattered to me.

I am not stopping here, but this was my first step towards tech.

I didn't know tech much, but tech gave me a warm welcome.

You can do this too, better and clearer.

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