Add Google analytics to Astro using Partytown


1 min read

Adding google analytics to Astro can be done with the partytown integration.

Step 1: Add Partytown to your Astro site

npx astro add partytown

Step 2: Add datalayer push as a forwarding event in your astro.config.mjs file

export default defineConfig ({
  integrations: [partytown({
    config: { 
      forward: ["dataLayer.push"] 

Step 3: Add GA tag on every page of your Astro Note: If you are using a common layout, you can just add that there directly.

Paste the tag obtained from google analytics as soon as the head tag ends. Add type=”text/partytown” inside the script tags obtained from Google analytics.


Screenshot of script tag placed inside the HTML after the head tag

After the above-mentioned changes, it might look something like this.

Don’t forget to add the tag to every page you have created with Astro, or add it to the common layout.

Have a great day! See you at the next one.