DevOps engineer interview questions

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DevOps engineer interview questions


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Questions I was asked on a DevOps engineer interview

A little background ,about me

-Former Front-end Developer, -Transitioned to the field of DevOps

Overall Experience : Around 2 years

The questions are as follows

  1. Why did I choose DevOps?

  2. What I like in this?

  3. What do I know about IAAS and IAC ?

  4. The complete CI/CD workflow,

  5. How do I log, monitor production environments?

  6. Explaining about the downtime/Outage which happened previously and How did I resolve?

  7. Rollback mechanisms,

  8. What happens in the backend when I access a website ? About loads, cache, Networks, Load balancers, etc.

  9. Experience working with CI/CD tools,

  10. My Complete DevOps stack which I have worked on,

  11. Cloud,
  12. CI tools,
  13. CD tools,
  14. Logging.

  15. Difference between SRE and DevOps Engineer,

  16. Experience working with VMs,

  17. Resource management in Kubernetes clusters,

  18. Horizontal scaling Vs Vertical scaling,

  19. Microservices,

  20. Serverless,

  21. How will I find the cost effectiveness for specific services?

  22. IP Whitelisting,

  23. Static IP addresses.

These were the questions I was asked on one of my recent interviews.

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