Honest thoughts on AWS as a beginner


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Honest thoughts on AWS as a beginner

First of all, it is superfast.

The number of applications for different domains is huge and many industries can be able to utilize it.

The documentations are to the point and simple. Especially on debugging. I was stuck in a problem, when I googled it, the first recommended link is the AWS docs and it showed a few to many ideas on what can be the problem and how it can be solved. That is top-notch for certain problems and I found it awesome and helpful.

VPC is something, we should get familiarized with if we are going to work with EC2, EKS and many more. It is hard to begin with, but once the idea is grabbed, the same can be followed everywhere inside the VPC. It is simply a complete network given to you in a region and you can direct or block anything.

Following of the CIDR notation in the VPC, private and public subnets, etc takes a bit of a time to get comfortable with.

EKS, I would say it is difficult to begin with. Since it has VPC associated, there are things which we need to consider before setting up EKS, for example - Route tables. Also, the security groups and network ACLs are something which can be a problem, if not set perfectly.

The roles and users are friendlier. Mostly just with the error messages, the permissions for the respective roles can be set.

The community support is good, but feeling less in case of EKS.

The CLI is good.

To conclude my thoughts on AWS, I would say it is fast and the documentations are great and that is such a huge advantage. EKS and setting up of VPCs, can be a bit difficult to begin with (I am still struggling). But I slowly am starting to understand and like it.

Have a great day. See you in the blogs on using AWS soon.

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