Jest with Angular 15

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Jest with Angular 15


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This blog focuses on setting the configurations on your Angular v15 application.

Step 1: ( Removing Karma and Jasmine ) — Not mandatory
Open package.json and scroll down to devDependencies.
Note down the names of the packages which involve Karma and Jasmine.
Mostly this can be the list of packages and you can remove them by any means, I am currently using npm and uninstalling them using it.

npm uninstall @types/jasmine jasmine-core karma karma-chrome-launcher karma-coverage karma-jasmine karma-jasmine-html-reporter

This will remove Karma and Jasmine.

Step 2: Jest Installation

Install Jest and a few other packages.

npm install jest @types/jest jest-preset-angular @types/node

Step 3: Create a new file

In the root directory, create a new file — I am naming it setup-jest.ts, If you are using a different name, we would have to use it in the next step while mentioning setupFilesAfterEnv in the config.

Inside the file, import jest-preset-angular/setup-jest.

import 'jest-preset-angular/setup-jest';

Step 4: Jest Configuration

We can create a separate jest.config.ts file or we can copy the following config to the package.json like below.

"jest": {
  "preset": "jest-preset-angular",
  "setupFilesAfterEnv": ["<rootDir>/setup-jest.ts"],
  "globalSetup": "jest-preset-angular/global-setup"

I have added it after the devDependencies.

Step 5: tsconfig changes

Open tsconfig.spec.json and change jasmine to jest.

“Jasmine” is replaced with the text “jest”

Step 6: Script command

Now Open package.json,
In the scripts check for test.
Change it to the one below.

"test": "jest --no-cache"

Now in the command line, try running the test script.

npm run test

This will start testing it and will start displaying the results in the CLI itself.

If anything isn’t working as expected, feel free to comment them down.

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