My first job - Interview - Experience

My first job - Interview - Experience


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As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have got my job through a coding contest or kind of hackathon.

This is my story and It can be something totally irrelevant to how it is going to be for you. This is some random different interview experience and I felt good about it. You can take whatever resonates or you ignore it. If you want to know more, you can ping me as well.

Careers in the company’s site was the first step, I got the “opening” information of the company through Naukri. I had to send resume along with whatever certifications I have did in the past.

I was selected for the contest just with resume and a profile. I also had an internship experience along with certifications which were totally irrelevant to the job I applied for, but still I had sent most of them which included some programming in it.

The second step was very much new, They gave an introduction to a language which was totally new to me. No complex algorithms were taught.

After introducing arrays, I was asked to solve some problems and that happened for a few days. I was solving problems which included problems which involved string and array manipulations. More than the output, the logics mattered.

I didn’t prepare anything in specific for the company but I had the practice of solving problems with few apps and sites, I will mention them in the upcoming threads if required.

I cracked it.. The contest happened for days, I cleared almost every question except for one. I got selected.

Over the days I faced some problems with some documents but yes, that’s it. I was trained for almost a month and got to work on Front-end after that. . . . . . And that’s how I got my first job.

This process was something very much new to me, Unlike traditional interviews It felt different and less exhausting.

Now, Being a DevOps engineer, I am planning to start preparing for the next one, but this time with twitter, LinkedIn and Open Source, which changed my mindset a lot more different.

Thank you for your time! Will keep you all posted and thank you for inspiring me.

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