Points to remember before starting your coding journey

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Points to remember before starting your coding journey


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Okay , You got the feeling to code . You want to start your coding journey as a total beginner with no prior experience.

Where to start ?

There are tons of free resources to begin , but don't get overwhelmed. As the saying says , Every expert was a beginner once , Don't get intimidated by thinking you are far behind. Consistence is the key , learn! learn! learn all time . You will be shocked to know your progress within few weeks.

Start simple.

There are tons of things in Programming , Know what you want to do.

I will start with Web-Development , in this blog.

What is web development ?

In short , Web development is building web pages , you are reading this on one.

There are two things to consider.

Front-end involves Design and things, a user will see when they open the browser.

Back-end involves mainly handling servers and databases.

You can imagine Your school or college or your organization , sends you a survey form or a form for filling up your basic details.

When you open the link , You see empty boxes for you to fill the details.

Now , you are typing in the fields and submit it and then the data goes to the people who sent it.

Boom ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ You just witnessed both frontend and backend.

The page you entered is mainly designed by the frontend , arranging the boxes one by one , labelling them with a name next to it.

As soon as you submit , the frontend developer takes the details from those boxes , frames it in a way the server understands and submits it to the database through the server.

The backend developer takes the data which the frontend developer sent . The data sent is now taken to the database by the backend developer and post in the database.

The same way , the backend developer takes data from the database and shows it to the one seeking it.

What is a database?

Databases are nothing but collection of data , think of it as grocery list along with the quantity . Databases are not just that, but just to get the idea to begin , Databases can be thought as excel spreadsheets , where we can add as many lists , values , etc and most importantly , instead of searching each and everything , databases has their own way to get the result with a query (Query is nothing but a code).

As simple as that .

Frontend - is what you see , Backend - is what happens behind.

Okay now , Full stack developer is one who works both in frontend and backend.

As the name sounds , full stack developer can independently complete a project .

Okay , now you want to start one of the three . The steps are almost the same for everything .

Knowing what happens in both ends , is healthy , but being a frontend developer do not necessarily know any server side programming and database queries and vice versa.

Whatever you choose , start with HTML .


W3Schools was the first resource I used to begin by web development journey.

Make your foundations strong , focus on the basics .

Practice in real time . Do projects with pure HTML.

Till date, there are many websites which only use HTML as their main code.

Start CSS


W3Schools Again w3schools is very good in starting your CSS journey, There are many challenges online you can do a lot , and make your foundations in CSS very strong. Freecodecamp responsive design is one of many which I recommend. Play along , There are many code editors online - just start designing a simple div element.

Start Javascript.


Javascript is phenomenal , master it . There are many frameworks right now which has the base in javascript. So focus on it , Get familiar with all the basic things.

HTML , CSS and Javascript - there are tons of projects which can be done and this almost is a frontend developer.

Taking backend ,

There are many server side languages, many have their base in javascript , java , c# , php etc , Choose the one which is comfortable and learn it . The same goes for databases .

Have a record of all of your projects . Build something regularly and code regularly .

These are few of the steps which can be used for starting. I will elaborate more in my upcoming blogs . Until then , Peace !

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