Why could you build for yourself before going into building for the community?

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Why could you build for yourself before going into building for the community?


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Why could you try building for yourself ?

First and foremost, it is so much awesome and cool, building something for yourself just for the sake of you using it.

💡 Imagine fixing your own problems by building something just with lines of code .

💡 Imagine automating something so that you don't need to work on that task repetitively , wasting lots of time .

💡 Imagine including a feature that you want so badly on any existing application that you use.

What's in there for you if you build yourself something ?

Building for yourself has so much freedom that ,

You know your product and you can alter it the way whenever you want and however you like .💥

You can fix the bugs on the go .💥

You can contribute your own product to fellow-people who needs the same specific feature that you have.💥

You can sell the complete product when you feel , the product is good to go for release.💥

You get the essence of building something and for sure it'll boost your confidence.💥

and most importantly , you can learn so much so that it can be helpful to your upcoming projects.💥

When can you think of adding features to any existing product ?

We all use smartphones 📱 and 'n' number of apps in it.

Apps are built for people to use but in a large scale .

So , The design , feature is focused mainly on large scale and only the average requirements as for large scale is measured.

Imagine owning an app development company,

Who will you aim your products on ?

People in general who can use the app with the minimum but basic features or people who specifically needs a complex feature along with the basic.

It is obvious , that you are going to build it for the community of common interests and focus on it first and may be later you may focus on the specific requirements.

Imagine in existing apps,

  1. You need the to-do✍️ list app to remind you when the list is not yet completed.

  2. You are travelling to a location🗺️ and you want the map app to alert you on a specific location.

The ultimate usage of to-do list app is to maintain a list.

For the location app to show you proper coordinates , directions etc.

But in addition to the ultimate behavior , you also need it to work for you for some other specific cases as well .

In that case , it is high time that you build it for yourself.

Other Important takeaways

As a product owner and user , you will know how a product should be , what are the basic requirements you need , how else you could improve the experience and so on.

These are very few reminders to start building for yourself , but it does not stop there.

Help yourself and also help the community , Grow together! 😊

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